Sunday, 14 December 2008

Videos from an old trip to Skye

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

"A Home for someone else" performance (birdseed) Hildesheim, Germany

Oh dearest Hildeshiem...

"A Home for Someone Else" (Bird Cage, Cardboard, Birdseed)

"Its all a bit too casual" Glasgow

Its all a bit too casual a wee exhibition by SEA4, currated by the lovely Miss Nicky Wright and the lovely Miss Hannah Sheperd,

These darwings were part of an installation and made up a projected animation of the history of my family home, Manchester.
"Turn that tele off, its record night" installation, (Tape, record player, plants, projection)

"bedroom" installation, Manchester

.....and i made a cake.

At the same time it happened to be Valentines day. So I threw a party...

Residence, Belfast, Februar 2008

The first part of the residence prject in the SHAC flats in Belfast. A group of eight artists from Glasgow and Belfast living and working in the same space for four days.
The kitchen window became an access wondow for us to get in and out of the building on to writers square, the public square that lies next to the flats. This paper installation was made on the next window.
(paper, tape and black marker)

"While I Sit and Ponder" Cove Park, Roseneath,
While i sit and Ponder are a selection of photographes taken near to Cove Park on the Roseneath penninsula on the West coast of Scotland. The action of sitting became an excercise in self'reflection of considering how to go about representing the landscape.